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I’ve been blogging for 3 years about lots of things – but not fashion. Recently however I started following a couple of fashion blogs for tall women that I came across, and there was a glamorous appeal to joining this world where one gets to attend fashion shows and waft around in the latest collection by whoever. So I thought about turning my hand to fashion blogging. For about 5 minutes. Then I remembered the following:

1 I’m hardly a fashionista – something which my friends and family will certainly attest. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate or admire style and form, however my comfortable practical gene often takes precedence, meaning I’d favour a waterproof anorak and comfy trainers on any scenic walk as opposed to the latest wedge heels and poncho any-day.

2 On the rare occasions that my ‘look’ is worthy of note there’s never a handy-photographer waiting to snap away. On the days that hair, make-up and outfit come together and I turn to my children to take a pic it’s one where they couldn’t be bothered to move off the sofa so I end up looking like I have a double chin.

3 I don’t have a cornflower field outside my house, or a trendy urban city backdrop. I have a garden, with a fence that looks like it needs painting. Not the best back-drop for a Vogue photo-shoot.


Me trying to look sultry in the conservatory. My daughter telling me to hurry up so she can get back to the tv. Oh and the dress is from John Lewis.

4 I can’t be bothered. My recent foray into working from home gave me visions of experimenting with a new look, that of smart-but casual work-wear that wouldn’t look out of place on the school run or the office. Hail Capri pants and ironed fitted shirt look.It lasted about 3 days until I ran out of ironed shirts and opted for jeans and t-shirt again.

5 I would need my own hairdresser. Something that I think only women of great importance have. Notice the difference in Theresa May’s Barnet pre and post her PM role. She obviously now has a salaried hairdresser to pop in every morning to give her a quick blow dry. My hair regime consists of wash and go. Or wash and battle with hair-drier and go. Mornings are for making packed lunches, finding PE kits at the bottom of the laundry basket that I forgot to wash and remembering to charge up my work phone and switch on my laptop, not for any kind of styling that takes more than 5 minutes.

So I take my hat off to all you fashion bloggers that make it look so effortless – I will continue to be envious, and will keep trying to get a good pic of me on those days when it all comes together, but I think I’ll be sticking to the ‘harassed mum tries to make sense of life’ blogs – as that’s what I know best…


And this cute dress is from House of Fraser – a real hit for those summer evenings! Shame about the bad hair and drain-pipe behind me spoiling the pic…